Recharge your Smart Card Wallet in 4 simple steps 1. Provide your Smart Card Details Enter your Card ID and the amount you would like to pay. 2. Select your bank account from which you would like to execute this payment. You will be securely redirected to the payment interface of your chosen bank. 3. Confirm Payment Enter your authentication details (Net Banking User ID and Password of your Bank Account / Equivalent details). Confirm payment amount. Your account will get debited instantly. 4. Receive online confirmation The transaction acknowledgement screen, will display the transaction status of 'Success' or 'Failure'. In case of 'Failure' please make the payment again. If the success/failure message is not displayed, please check if your bank account has been debited before initiating another payment. If your payment was successful, you will receive an email acknowledgement from Onus Payment immediately. You can then proceed to recharge your card on any of the Online terminals of Onus Payment in your location, by simply tapping your card against the terminal.

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